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If you are Java™ or ObjectiveC/Cocoa developer, need an image acquisition support in your application or a network server framework and don't want to reinvent a wheel, look at our products and associated services .
Image Acquisition Frameworks
With the implementation of the most common interfaces for scanning like TWAIN, SANE, WIA and Image Capture it has been never easier to integrate a scanning functionality into Java Application or Applet.
Morena 6 featuring TWAIN and SANE API implementation is used by more than thousand customers worldwide.
New Morena 7 equipped with WIA and ICA API implementation provide with the simplicity and usefulness.
Dwarf Server Framework
Dwarf is a Java™ technology-based framework for building multithreaded network server applications. A modular structure and design based on services makes it suitable also for building more general application products. At the moment two highly configurable, extensible and production quality servers are available - Dwarf HTTP Server with Java™ Servlet/JSP and Dwarf Mail Server with SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 support.