ObjectiveTwain support resources
If you need a help with our product, please send a message to twain@gnome.sk .
If you need a help with TWAIN source manager or driver, please use TWAIN mailing list archive .
If you prefer conventional communication, you can also call or send a fax to +421-2-65427825.
Frequently asked questions
There are some frequently asked (and also some never asked) questions answered in this section.
What is the difference between a trial version and the full version?
The trial version and the full version have the same features. They differ in a license statement displayed to the Java console.
Could you send me some information about the licenses, the shipping and the payment methods?
Our license policy: Customers need as many licenses, as many developers work with the Morena Framework. You can include Morena Framework to the unlimited number of your applications and distribute it to the unlimited number of customers. Your customers have to be "end users", i.e. you are not allowed to offer your applications with the Morena Framework to other developers. You are not allowed to sell stand alone Morena Framework. Another possibility is to buy source code license. In this case, one license is enough for whole organization.
Shipping: You can download a full product including evaluation license from try & buy page. After purchasing a commercial or obtaining a educational license you will receive javatwain_license.jar file as an email attachment. Than just replace the evaluation javatwain_license.jar file contained within product package with the new one.
Payment methods: You can buy a commercial license on-line from try & buy page. If you prefer, you can pay directly to our bank account as a money order (please, contact us by e-mail first).
Where can I find more information about Twain specification?
You can find it at www.twain.org.
Why my scanner does not accept my settings?
Not every scanner/camera driver implements full Twain specification. E.g. some of them allow hiding user interface, some of them do not. Even if them support some features, they can be read-only.